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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


It is always hard to settle down in an alien place. I tried my best to collect some useful hands-on information based on my experience as well as my friends’. Hope it would help new comers getting adjusted. For each category, there might be some other good choices out there. I just share what I know based on my only-two-year residence in USA.

Buy cheaper stuff:
You can explore all kinds of discount information in the above three websites (especially the first two), particularly electronics, camera, computers, stationery and the like. Frequent visits of the first one will help you save a lot. But it takes time to get to know the procedure.

Buy books:
Get the ISBN number of the book you want to buy and put in the search bar of this website. It will list by price all the books available from major booksellers. Once you decide to buy, make sure to google first to see if there is any coupon currently valid for this particular bookseller. You can always find coupons for booksellers like Alibris in unpopular seasons for books, but few for Amazon. Put in the coupon code or promotional code when you check out. It will instantly show the money you save.

Watch Chinese TV:
You can watch almost 40 Chinese TV channels. The flow is pretty fluent, just like TV. Go to the website and click鄂ICP备05004440 to have the software downloaded. Right click the icon on your desktop, and you can see the list of channels. After choosing one, you have to click “频道播放器” to get it started.
Credit cards:
Credit cards are so important and useful in USA. While, it is always impossible for new comers to get a credit card. But you could try applying when accumulating some cash in your bank account in half a year. Once you get it, you can begin to build up credits. The higher credits, the more accountability of you, the more attractive of you to the sellers, the higher benefits you could win.
http://www.americanexpress.com/ There is a student card that is pretty easier to get.

Phone cards:
There must be some other good choices. I would appreciate it very much if you would love to share.
Web chatting:
Yahoo messenger is cool. MSN is slow. Sina UC is the best I know for the fluent flow of videos and voices, but sometimes it is a little bit nasty (When you register, just assign yourself a man’s name and fill out the age with 65, nobody will bother you any more). http://down1.tech.sina.com.cn/download
American students love Aol (http://www.aol.com/).
Logitech and Creative webcams are among the best. You can always find their hot deals from above two websites for discount stuffs. Just be patient!

Grocery shopping:
There are weekly specials in these local stores. Put in your zip code under “finding the store”, locate it and then find the exact direction from google maps. These two stores are pretty close to Homewood campus. There is one Giant on 33rd st. I am not a big favor of Asian stores around Baltimore, so I don’t have much say about them.

Look for directions:

It is very expensive to take trains from Baltimore. There seems to be only one railway company Amtrack here, which is the most expensive one in USA. Penn station is the place where you can take trains. It’s somewhere around A spot in the map, close to Hopkins hospital and Peabody campus. The local shuttle bus could take you there.

Baltimore travel plaza is the place where you could take most of the long-distance buses including Greyhounds and Chinatown buses. It is said not safe to take Greyhound. You can find Chinatown buses in the following site: http://www.staticleap.com/chinatownbus/
Here is the address of travel plaza:
There are normally two ways to get there:
No. 20 bus goes there. Check its route at
Take the shuttle to Bayview campus and then take taxi for 5 bucks. But I never tried.
By the way, many MTA in big cities offer to mail for free the local bus and subway maps. Google “mta, the name of the city”. Find the phone number. It takes about 4 days to get the map.

It is extremely a hassle to see a doctor here. So, staying healthy is very important for us who are far away from home. Exercise no matter how busy you are. Having milk, one egg, vegetables, some soy beans and fruits every day can save you from the troubles of seeing doctors.
Life:Life as a student is somewhat different here, since hard-working sometimes may not necessarily secure success. There may be a gap between what you suppose or imagine to be before coming abroad and what is really going on here. Staying open, making friends and consulting when feeling upset will turn thing

Sunday, September 04, 2005


http://www.backchina.com 倍可亲 2005/09/04 01:09 稿件来源: 倍可亲网讯

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日本的化妆品市场非常成熟,日本mm早就练就一身海里捞针的本事,不一定昂贵,不一定是名牌,只用质量最好的,最适合自己的.  介绍一个今年的最爱护肤品排行,来自一本读者群在25岁左右的美容杂志,  排行内大多数产品国内都能见到,希望能给大家做个参考.3.1 卸妆清洁:  第一位: dhc deep cleansing oil  第二位: 资生堂tiss deep off oil  第三位: kose 清肌晶cleansing oil  第四位: 植村秀 high performance balancing oil  第五位: clarins娇韵诗 cleansing milk  卸妆油有卓越的卸妆效果,对皮肤的负担也小,所以在卸妆清洁类中卸妆油依旧是主流。  第一位是dhc公司的看家产品。油质很轻,带着淡淡的橄榄香,卸彩妆效果当然不用说,去黑头的效果也不错。而且很容易冲洗干净,我自己就在用,用她之后不需要再用泡沫再洗,这一点让人相当满意。  第二位是资生堂的产品,用过之后,感觉毛孔小了些,给人彻底清洁的满足感。而且价格公道,150毫升合人民币65元左右。  高丝的清肌晶我也在用,说她是油,又有些象哲理,稠稠的,压出两下就能洗干净脸,最满意她的去角栓黑头效果,超赞!唯一缺陷是给人冲洗不净的感觉,还得接着用洗颜皂或者泡沫。  第四位植村秀的这个油,销售了40年人气不衰。对皮肤的负担很小,干燥敏感皮肤用起来也很舒服。  第五位娇韵诗的这个是个洗面奶。柔和,滋润,然而深入清洁。3.2 普通清洁:  以压倒优势名列榜首的是kose的清肌晶.  第二位:arsoa安露莎的洗颜皂  第三位:多芬香皂.3.3 化妆水:  第一位:albion公司essential skin conditioner。  第二位:蓝蔻的blanc expert。美白精华化妆水  第三位:kose的雪肌精。  第一位和第三位,在日本,都可以称得上是化妆水的经典.各种媒体每年做的排行,这两个水一定会在三甲之内.倩碧的三部曲的水,sk-Ⅱ的神仙水,可谓经典吧,也不一定会蝉联口碑榜呢3.4 乳液:  第一位:albion公司 exage系列 美白乳液 white w/x milk 1  第二位:kose cosme decorte micro-perfomance  第三位:kose 雪肌精乳液.  第一位的产品不仅快速美白,而且改善肤质.  第二位是是个高分子保湿乳液,kose的顶级产品之一.第三位的雪肌精乳液就不用多说了.3.5 美白精华:  第一位: albion公司exage whitening cellmission   第二位: 花王苏菲娜 whitening deep science 深层美白精华  第三位: 资生堂 whitess 特效柔白精华  第一位又是albion公司的产品!!速攻美白,而且有活肤功能,改善肤质. albion中文名字被翻译为傲之美, 觉得实在难称信达雅,古意昂然意境优美的albion被糟蹋成这样,情愿叫她原名.  第二位的苏菲娜可以说是日本市场上最畅销的美白精华,使用感清爽,尤其用于去斑很好. 花王苏菲娜广告做得很质朴, 产品不花哨但质量上乘.今年10月就会在国内上市,有几件东西很值得一买.  whitess是资生堂的美白王牌,日本美白产品的先驱,效果非凡,价格昂贵.3.6 预防皮肤老化护理:  1 保持弹性专用:  第一位: 资生堂的elixir系列 orange zone shot  第二位: 克里斯汀?迪奥 model lift 三重紧肤纤容霜   资生堂的这个dd是个口红一样大小的美容棒,使用很方便,只要在眼部,嘴角轻轻一涂即可,有保湿,收缩毛孔,增加弹性的效果.  迪奥的纤容霜则有除浮肿,收紧皮肤的功能,可以用来瘦脸,一举两得.  预防皮肤老化护理:  2 综合护理专用:  第一位: sk-Ⅱ signs treatment 多元面霜  第二位: HR赫莲娜  collagenist 胶原蛋白弹性精华液  第三位: 克里斯汀?迪奥no-age essentiel  sk-Ⅱ的多元面霜我自己就在用,非常好,不油腻,但保湿,用过后,脸润而柔软,非常有弹性.  第二位的赫莲娜,成分中增加直接关系到皮肤老化的胶原蛋白,来防止皮肤松懈,让皮肤始终保持饱满的健康状态.  第三位只看名字就足够诱人, no-age! 改善暗淡肤色,平衡水分,减轻细纹的产生.  预防皮肤老化护理:  3 细纹护理专用:  第一位: 花王苏菲娜 wrinkle seraty  第二位: kose cosme decorte  progression dn-a  第三位: 倩碧clique stop signs  花王苏菲娜的wrinkle  seraty确实好用,用过之后,小细纹明显减少.脸显得光滑饱满.而且有同一系列的眼膜.这个眼膜超赞!实在是只要用过一次,就不能离手的dd.  第二位的kose的产品宣传上说,会从dna阶段改善细纹,听起来十分高科技,不愧是kose的产品.  第三位倩碧的这一款已经畅销多年,拥有雷打不动的拥护者.7 问题皮肤的特别护理:  3.7.1 防痘产品:  第一位: albion公司essential skin conditioner。  第二位: dhc公司 olive virgin oil 纯橄情焕采精华  第三位: 日邦药品工业 eadue muge  第一位的化妆水,在这个排行榜中已经二冠,控油,平衡,保湿三项全能,名副其实的最爱。  第二位是个油,用油来对付痘,听起来好象矛盾,然而只要在痘痘冒头的时候,涂上她,保证不会继续恶化,有痘人士的必备药哦.  dhc公司是个邮购专门的公司,便利店中也有卖,原本走经济实惠路线,唯有这个油是她家的镇家宝,30ml,要4500日元,合300块呢.  第三位是药品公司出的化妆水,对于皮脂分泌紊乱引起的粉刺,干燥粗糙,全能出击。而且价廉物美,160毫升约70人民币,性价比的优等生。  3.7.2 赶走暗淡,重放光泽护理:  第一位: 雅诗兰黛 idealist 完美焕颜修护精华露  第二位: clinique倩碧 clarifying lotion 2  第三位: kanebo佳娜宝  power of clear perfect  第一位的idealist,又岂只限于护理晦暗?增加透明度,收缩毛孔,柔软皮肤,全部有效,涂上之后立现的光滑感,让人用过一次就成为她的俘虏了。  第二位这个水,可以说是倩碧的最基础产品吧,除去老废角质,让其后的乳液更有效深入滋润,使皮肤恢复自然的光泽。  第三位是个按摩美容液,除去旧角质和黑色素形成的根源,促进血液循环,增加透明度,实现美白。  3.7.3 超级干燥皮肤护理:  第一位: clinique倩碧 moisture surge extra 水磁场特效保湿润肤霜  第二位: de la mer moisturizing creme  第三位: ipsa the time reset 生肌再造霜  倩碧的水磁场排在第一,名至实归,用过的人都赞的dd,不多赘言了。  第二位是法国牌子,台湾将其名译为“海洋拉娜”,所到之处尽披靡,引发抢购热潮。彻底保湿滋润,价高神效,完全是高级化妆品的风范。sk-Ⅱ已经贵得让人恨了吧?sk-Ⅱ在她的高价面前都要自惭形愧。  第三位的ipsa,不油不腻然而保湿力极高,通过防止水分蒸发流失让皮肤饱满柔嫩。  3.7.4改善毛孔粗大:  第一位: 花王 碧柔鼻贴  第二位: 雅诗兰黛 idealist 完美焕颜修护精华露  第三位: rohto制药 obagi c10  关于第一位的鼻贴,褒贬不一,因为她只是物理作用,并不能真正收缩毛孔,不过,用鼻贴拽出那些脏东西时还是很有快感的,脏东西出来了,黑头形成的可能性变小,所以也不能不给她记功。使用后要记住洗净残余胶质,一定要上爽肤水哦.  第二位的idealist,不想再多夸了,  idealist绝对值得推荐给因为毛孔粗大而凸凹不平的皮肤.虽然我个人觉得毛孔粗大的原因非常复杂,任何化妆品也不可能根本改善,但这个idealist涂上之后的滑润柔软感觉,的确让人感动呢.  第三位是个制药厂出品的药用化妆品,里面配合了高浓度vc,在控油、收缩毛孔的同时,改善因皮肤老化而引起的松懈、细纹、暗淡无光、色素沉积.听起来的确很棒,价格也相当不便宜.3.7.5 T区特护:  第一位: sk-Ⅱ facial clear solution净脂明肌精华  第二位: 花王苏菲娜 very very poundly  第三位: chanel precision t-mat  sk-Ⅱ是个为成熟皮肤细心考虑的牌子,这一款净脂明肌精华专门护理大人的T区,强调在控油的同时用水分使皮肤饱满,来填平毛孔带来的凸凹。  苏菲娜 very very poundly是个散粉一样的dd,油光满面的时候,轻轻一扑,立刻亚光。和彩妆的粉不一样的是她有吸附毛孔深处油分的作用,用她补妆最方便。是个用起来很舒服功能粉哦。  油MM还是适合用哲理,chanel的这个就是清爽的哲理,香气也优雅,不光控油好,而且还还有清凉镇静作用,在发红的鼻子周围用一定很好。  3.7.6 敏感皮肤特护:  第一位: 资生堂 d program lotion ad  第二位: avene thermal spring water 雅漾活泉喷雾  资生堂的d program是个为敏感肌肤设计的综合系列,从香波浴液到护肤共几十项产品。榜上的这个是化妆水,高保湿,零刺激。  第二位干脆就是个纯水,采自法国名地喷泉,杀菌后装瓶,无防腐剂,无添加,对皮肤自然没有负担,尽可以放心使用。3.8 娇嫩部位特护:  眼部:  第一位: 雅诗兰黛 advanced night repair eye recovery  complex 特润眼部修护精华  第二位: sk-Ⅱ eye treatment film水嫩无痕眼凝露  第三位: sisley  sisleya contour des yeux et des levres. 抗皱活颜眼霜  第四位: chanel precision eye correction紧致眼霜  雅诗兰黛的anr产品,在各个美容bbs中都是有口皆碑,从dna阶段激活细胞,预防衰老,除皱,去黑眼圈。  sk-Ⅱ的dd因为价格昂贵,广告来势凶猛,让人又爱又恨。她在国外处于个中上价位,广告做的亦文雅有度,没有国内广告中那幺暴发户的感觉哦。况且她家产品的确好用。这一款眼霜,无香,不油腻,防止幼纹和黑眼圈,而且可以在彩妆上使用,补妆缓解眼部疲劳时用很方便。  sisley的产品,我好向往!太贵了!然而贵有所值。保湿,除皱,紧肤,这一个眼霜据说是神效+神速!  chanel的这一款最为人赞的是非凡的保湿效果,空调地狱中痛苦的jm们的救星哦。3.9 按摩霜:  第一位: albion exage white skin refiner  第二位: origins品木宣言 never a dull moment 磨砂乳霜  第三位: cle de peau creme de massage  第四位: est skin alive massage  第五位: ipsa refiner tone up cream clay 深层清洁矿物泥  肤色暗沉的原因主要来自面部血液循环不良及老废角质淤积,按摩是最佳解决途径。在此之上按摩霜还有比如深层洁肤,深入滋润,集中美白等诸多plus功效。实在是爱美mm不可或却的dd。  第一位是albion公司的美白按摩霜,解决由于干燥而致的粗糙和毛孔粗大,改善肤质,深入美白。  品木宣言的这一款按摩霜最大的魅力是她甜美的香气,一周一次去除暗沉肤色按摩,在让人陶醉的香气里进行,实在是件女人才能理解的美妙的事。  第三位是资生堂肌肤之钥系列里的产品,促进细胞再生,紧致皮肤.这个我自己就在用.用过之后真的是暗淡一扫,细嫩光滑.  第四位是花王苏菲娜的高端产品.卸妆,深层清洁,按摩三效一体.霜体性质温和,用起来很方便又舒服.  第五位的ipsa的这一个虽说是泥,手感象优质奶油一样细腻,低刺激性,不给皮肤增加负担,然而有优秀的去角质的效果.3.10 面膜:  面膜这个dd、必须经常做才能出效果,所以既要求她的功能性,又要求她价格合理。顺便介绍一下面膜的价格,可不是做广告哦。  第一位: albion skin conditioner mask  第二位: 久光制药 lifecella facemask  第三位: kanebo嘉娜宝 肌美精 弹力水分面膜  第四位: sk-Ⅱ facial whitening mask 美白面膜  第五位: sk-Ⅱ facial treatment mask修护面膜  第一位是化妆水的面膜版。化妆水已经是第一,面膜也不落后,可见这个水的确深得人心。之所以受欢迎,是由于她有优秀的调整肌肤状态的功能,改善干燥粗糙,面部发红,毛孔粗大,而且价格也不贵,8片装合人民币210块左右。  第二位是个超市产品,价格公道,性价比优秀。展开后是一张哲理状的膜,厚厚的,水水的,保湿效果非常好,而且不往下滴水,使用非常方便。5片装合人民币90块左右。  第三位是嘉娜宝的超市产品,有保湿和美白两种。里面配合了天然胶原蛋白,保湿,滋润。5片装的合人民币85块左右。  第四位就是sk-Ⅱ的美白面膜,里面据说渗透的美容成分有一瓶美容液那幺多。效果不错所以即使价格昂贵也依然人气不减。6片装合人民币660块左右。  sk-Ⅱ的修护面膜如果上不了排名,这个排行就不成立了。因为她的名气和价格,招来无数怀疑和攻击,然而她至今已经畅销20年,这个数字足以说明一切,多年的考验让她傲然秀立。6片装合人民币660块左右。4 各品牌化妆品的权威推荐与不推荐(按品牌顺序)BIOTHERM推荐:(注:国内上市的产品名称前面一般有活泉二字)Biosource Foaming Gel Cleanser 活泉洁面凝胶(有泡沫)Biocils Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover 眼部卸妆水(可卸防水眼妆)Aquasource Oligo-Thermal Moisturizing Gel For Dry Skin 活泉水分露(粉色,适合干性)Aquasource Oligo-Thermal Moisturizing Gel For Normal Skin 活泉水分露(绿色,中性皮肤)Bionuit Overnight Visibly Effective Skin treatment 显效护理晚霜D-Stress Fortifying Anti-Fatigue Radiance Gel/Cream for Dry Skin 抗压舒容醒肤晚霜(干性)Hydra-Detox Daily Moisturizing Creams 深层排毒保湿霜(日用)Hydra-Detox Daily Moisturizing Lotion 深层排毒保湿露(日用)Reducteur Rides Anti-Wrinkle and Firming eye Cream 抗皱紧肤眼霜Symbiose Daily Aging Treatment Liposome Gel 抗皱护理者哩(日用)BioPur Pure Cleansing gel 清脂清爽洁肤者哩BIOTHERM不推荐:Biosource Instant Cleansing Foam 活泉瞬间洁肤沫(有泡沫)Biosource Softening Cleansing Mousse 活泉软化清洁摩丝Biosource Clean Skin Peel-Off Mask 活泉洁肤面膜(撕拉式)Biosensitive Calming Regulating Oil-Free Lotion SPF12 抗敏镇静无油露SPF12D-Stress fortifying Anti-Fatigue Radiance Essence 抗压舒容醒肤精华D-Stress Fortifying Anti-Fatigue Radiance Gel/Cream for Normal/CombinationSkin 抗压舒容醒肤者哩/霜(中,混合型)Reducteur Rides Tensing Wrinkle and Firming Essence 抗皱紧肤精华BioPur Mattifying Astringent Lotion 清脂紧肤水(带粉)BioPur Clarifying Balancing Night Gel 清脂平衡晚间凝胶BioPur Matte Hydrating Fluid 清脂水分露(哑光)BioPur Emergency Anti-Imperfection with AHA 清脂瞬间抗痘露(含果酸)BioPur Ultra-Matte T-Zone Essence 清脂T区调理精华素soothing After Sun Gel for Face and Body 活泉晒后舒缓乳(脸部和全身用)LANCOME推荐:Ablutia Fricheur Purifying Foam Cleanser 清爽洁肤泡沫(有泡沫,具体系列不详)Clarifiance Oil-Free Gel Cleanser 康尼芬无油洁面者哩Exfoliance, delicate Exfoliating Gel 柔白磨砂凝胶(敏感性可用)Vinefit Complete Energizing Lotion SPF1 葡萄多酚日乳SPF15Complexion Expert 一种调整肤色的乳液,名字不详,好象是可以做底乳的ReSurface 除皱理纹精华Touche Optim’ Age 一种抗皱霜,系列名字不详SPF 15 Face and Body Lotion with Pure Vitamin E 脸部身体防晒露SPF15(含纯VE)SPF 25 Face and Body Lotion with Pure Vitamin E 脸部身体防晒露SPF25(含纯VE)High Protection SPF 30 Face Cream with Pure Vitamin E 高效脸部防晒霜SPF30(含纯VE)UV Expert SPF 15 Sunscreen, Daily UVA/UVB Protection Water-Lite Fluide 柔白每日隔离防晒露SPF15(隔离UVA,UVB,清新水质配方)Soleil Expert Sun Care SPF 30 High Protection sun Stick 柔皙高效防晒棒SPF30Soleil Ultra Eye Protection SPF 40 柔皙高效眼部防晒SPF40Stick Nutrix Levres, Lip Balm 滋润润唇膏LANCOME不推荐:Gel Eclat Cleansing Gel 焕容洁肤者哩Clarifiance Alcohol-Free Natural Astringent 康尼芬无酒精收缩水Tonique Controle Toner for Oily and Normal to Oily Skin 去油光清脂带粉爽肤水(绿水,油性,中油性)Vitabolic Clarifier Radiance Boosting Tonic 光彩活力爽肤露Bienfait Total Creme SPF15 全美护肤霜SPF15Extra Controle Anti-Imperfections Acne Treatment Matifying Solution 绿色去油光瞬间抗痘露Spot Controle Acne Treatment 绿色去油光抗痘护理露Gel Purete Foaming Gel Face Wash 纯净脸部洁肤者哩(泡沫)Gel Tendre Non-Foaming Makeup Remover Face and Eyes 柔和眼面卸妆乳(无泡沫)Lotion Tendre Soothing Toner 柔和爽肤水Hydra Max Balanced Hydrating Cream 水分平衡保湿霜Hydra Max Balanced Hydrating Gel 水分平衡保湿露Rectifiance Day Lift Refining Cream SPF 15 日间紧肤霜SPF15Rectifiance Day Lift Refining Lotion SPF 15 日间紧肤露SPF15Rectifiance Day Lift Refining Oil-Free Lotion SPF 15 日间紧肤无油露SPF15Rectifiance Nuit Night Lift Restoring Cream 夜间紧肤修护霜(以上四个都是抗皱提拉肌肤的东西)Source Extreme Dual Benefit Complex 复合精华双效营养露Dyd Correction Anti-Wrinkle Firming eye Cream 抗皱紧实眼霜Fluide Multi-Protection Daily Protection Lotion SPF25 多效日用防晒露SPF25Lift Serum Extreme Anti-Wrinkle firming Complex 极致抗皱紧实精华Solution Destressante Calming Emulsion 抗压镇静乳液Masque Lift Express 紧肤面膜Masque Force Hydratante 保湿面膜CHANEL不推荐:Lotion Pruete Purifying Toner 清爽洁净爽肤水Eye Lift Anti-Puffiness/Dark Circle eye Lotion 眼露(抗眼袋和黑眼圈)T-Mat Shine Control T控精华CD推荐:Capture Rides Wrinkle Creme for Eyes 活肤驻颜眼部精华霜Hydra-Star Moisture Creme for Dry Skin 水分保湿霜(干性)Hydra-Star Night Treatment Creme for Dry Skin 水分保湿夜间护理霜(干性)Icone Hypersensitive Skin Emulsion for the Face ICONE系列抗敏面乳Icone Regulation Creme Dehydrated Skin ICONE系列调节面霜(专为缺水皮肤)Icone for Hyper-Sensitive Skin ICONE抗敏系列的???(标注不明,翻不出)Vitalmine 焕彩活力素(可作底乳)Model Lift 纤容霜UV 30 Ultra UV Face Coat 高效UV面部防晒液SPF30CD不推荐:Purifying Lotion 清新焕容爽肤水Refreshing Wash-Off Cleansing Gel 清新水洗洁面者哩Refreshing Lotion 清新爽肤水Clarifying Cleansing Mask 清爽净肤面膜Capture Rides Fluide Multi-Action Wrinkle Lotion SPF 8 with Cyclic AHA 抗皱多效防护露SPF8(含有循环果酸??)Capture Rides Multi-Action Wrinkle Creme SPF8 抗皱多效日霜SPF8Ultra-Mat Perfect Matte-Finish 具体看不出是什幺,应该是一种妆前乳或完妆乳,哑光Mati-Star Oil-Free Mattifying Moisturizer 控油无油保湿乳(哑光)Clinique推荐:Mild Clarifying Lotion 柔和爽肤水(露状,绿色的那款,最柔和的)All About Eyes 全效护理眼霜Daily Eye Benefits 每日眼霜Moisture in Control 保湿润肤霜Moisture On-Call 保湿润肤霜Moisture on Line 保湿润肤霜(不大清楚以上三个的区别,但是都是属于保湿类)Moisture Surge Treatment formula 水磁场保湿凝胶Anti-Gravity Firming Lift Cream 抗地心引力紧肤霜Weather Everything SPF 15 全天候防晒霜SPF15(具有隔离效果的日霜)City Block SPF 15 城市防护霜SPF15Super City Block SPF 25 Oil-Free Daily Face Protector 特效城市防护无油护理日霜SPF15Lip Block SPF 15 唇部防护膏SPF15Quick Bronze Tinted Self Tanner 快速美黑乳液Self-Tanning Face formula I/II 脸部美黑乳液1号和2号配方Self-Tanning Face formula III/IV 脸部美黑乳液3号和4号配方Exceptionally Soothing Cream for Upset Skin, Anti-Itch Cream 镇静抗敏护理霜(防倦怠和湿疹)Exceptionally Soothing Lotion for Upset Skin 镇静抗敏舒缓露(抗倦怠)Skin Calming Moisture Mask 舒缓保湿面膜CLINIQUE不推荐:Facial Soap ExtraMild, Mild and Extra Strength 洁面皂1,2,4号Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser 水洗洁面霜(有泡沫,可卸妆)Wash-Away Gel Cleanser 水洗洁面者哩Clarifying Lotions 1,2,3,4 洁肤水1,2,3,4号Face Zone Sun Block SPF 30 脸部防晒露SPF30Full-Service Sun Block SPF 15 防晒霜SPF15(全身可用)Full-Service Sun Block SPF 20 防晒霜SPF20(全身可用)Total Cover Sun Block SPF 30 身体防晒霜SPF30Oil-Free Sun Block SPF 15 无油防晒露SPF15Deep Cleansing Emergency Masque 深层清洁面膜Sheer Matteness T-Zone Shine Control 清爽T字控油露Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam 抗痘清洁沫(有泡沫)Acne Solutions Antibacterial Facial Soap 抗痘杀菌洁肤皂Acne Solutions Night Treatment Gel 抗痘夜间护理者哩Acne Solutions spot Healing Gel 抗痘瞬间胶Estee Lauder推荐:Perfectly Clean Foaming Gel Cleanser, Normal/Oily and Oily Skin 完美洁肤者哩(有泡沫,中偏油,油性)Perfectly Clean Foaming lotion Cleanser, Normal/Dry and Dry Skin 完美洁肤露(有泡沫,中性偏干,干性)Re-nutriv Firming Throat Crème 白金级颈部紧肤霜Re-nutriv Intensive Lifting Crème 白金级深层紧肤霜Re-nutriv Replenishing Crème 白金级修护霜Resilience Lift Eye Crème 弹力紧肤眼霜Resilience Eye Crème 弹力眼霜New Resilience Lift SPF 15 Face and Throat Cream 新弹力紧肤霜SPF15(脸部,颈部)Resilience Lift SPF 15 Face and Throat Lotion 弹力紧肤霜SPF15(脸部,颈部)Verite Soothiing Spray Toner 抗敏系列舒缓柔和喷雾式爽肤水Verite Calming Fluid 抗敏系列的镇静露Verite Moisture Relief Crème 抗敏系列的滋润舒缓霜Estoderme Crème 霜类,效果系列不详Estoderme Emulsion 乳液类,同上系列,效果不详100% Time Release Moisturizer Creme 100% 矿泉保湿霜CIear Difference Oil-Control Hydrator for Oily Normal/Oily and Blemish-Prone Skin 瞬间控油保湿露(油性,中性偏油,痘痘肤质)Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex 特效夜间修护精华露Time Zone Eyes Ultra- Hydrating Complex 眼部保湿护理精华Time Zone Moisture Recharging Complex 眼部滋润修复精华Idealist 完美焕颜修护精华露Age Controlling Crème 抗皱霜,具体系列不详Spotlight Skin Tone Perfector 柔光焕颜乳(底乳)Skin Perfecting Crème Firming Nourisher 完美紧肤滋润霜Nutritious Bio Protein 乳蛋白活力滋养霜Diminish Retinol Treatment 夜间紧肤抗皱精华露Swiss Performing Extract Moisturizer 滋润霜,可能有萃取某种瑞士植物的精华,具体不详Day Wear Super Anti-Oxidant Complex SPF 15 抗氧化护理日霜SPF15Go Bronze Tinted Self Tanner for Face 脸部美黑乳液Sun Block for Face SPF 15 脸部防晒霜SPF15Sun Block for Face SPF 30 脸部防晒霜SPF30So Clean Deep Pore Mask 深层清洁面膜So Moist Hydrating Mask 矿泉保湿面膜Stress Relief Eye Mask 抗压舒缓眼膜Triple Crème Hydrating Mask 三效保湿霜状面膜Estee Lauder不推荐:Perfectly Clean Solid Cleanser Normal to Dry 完美洁肤皂(中性,干性)Rich Results Hydrating Cleanser 丰润保湿洁肤乳Deep Sweep Skin Refiner 深层净肤精华Clear Finish Purifying Toner N/D 爽肤水(干性,中性)Clean Finish Purifying Toner N/O 爽肤水(中性,油性)Equa1izer Oil- Free HydroGel 无油平衡保湿凝胶Unline Total Eye Care 抗细纹眼部护理霜Counter-Blemish lotion 抗痘露L’Oreal推荐:Hydra Fresh Deep Cleanser Foaming Gel for Normal to Oily Skin 水清新深层清洁者哩(中性,油性,泡沫)Hydra Fresh Cleanser Foaming Cream for Normal to Dry Skin 水清新清洁霜(泡沫,中性,干性)Shine Control Foaming face Wash with Pro- Vitamin B5 爽洁控油洁面乳(泡沫,含VB5)RevitaClean Cold Cream for Dry or Maturing Skin 活力洁肤冷霜(干性,成熟)RevitaClean Gentle Foaming Cleanser 活力轻柔洁肤乳(泡沫)Line Eraser Pure Retinol Concentrate 无痕晚霜(含纯RETINOL,是抗皱的)Eye Defense with Liposomes 眼霜(含脂质体,好象是那个粉红色的罐子)Overnight Defense 护理晚霜Wrinkle Defense 抗皱乳霜Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Cream with Pro-Retinol A & Par-Elastyl, forFace and Neck 抗皱紧实脸部颈部霜(含RETINOL A和弹性脘)Revitalift Eye Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Cream 抗皱紧肤眼霜(以上以REVITALIFT打头的,已经上市,具体名字不详,欧莱雅的产品翻译前面应该都有花蕊二字)L’OREAL不推荐:Hydra Fresh Toner 水清新爽肤水Shine Control Double-Action Toner Oil Free 控油双效爽肤水(无油)Shine Control Oil-Free Toner 控油爽肤水(无油)Future E Moisture + A Daily Dose of pure Vitamin E for Your Skin SPF15 未来E滋润日霜SPF15(含VE,VA)Line Eraser Pure Retinol Concentrate SPF 15 抗皱精华SPF15(含纯RETINOL)Mary Kay推荐:Time Wise Age Fighting Moisturizer 幻时滋润霜Deep Cleanser Fonnula 3 深层清洁乳3号配方Day Solutions SPF 15 日间防晒乳SPF15Advanced Moisture Renewal Treatment Cream 高效滋润更新护理霜Instant Action Eye Cream 速效眼霜Triple Action Lip Enhancer 三效护唇霜MARY KAY不推荐:Purifying Bar 清爽洁肤皂Hydrating Freshener formula 1 爽肤水1号Purifying Freshener formula 2 爽肤水2号Blemish Control Toner formula 3 爽肤水3号Indulging Soothing Eye Mask 舒缓眼膜Daily Protection Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 15 日间防护滋润乳SPF15Night Solutions 晚霜Triple-Action Eye Enhancer 三效眼霜Skin Revival System 肌肤更新系统Sun Essentials Ultimate Protection Sunblock SPF 30 艳阳高效防护霜SPF30Sun Essentials Sensible Protection Sunblock SPF 15 艳阳防护霜SPF15Sun Essentials intense Protection Sunblock SPF 20 艳阳高效防护霜SPF20Sun Essentials Lip Protector Sunblock SPF 15 艳阳润唇膏SPF15Olay推荐:Foaming Face Wash 泡沫洁肤乳Sensitive Skin Foaming Face Wash 泡沫洁肤乳(敏感肤质)Age Defying Series Daily Renewal Cream Beta Hydroxy Complex 活肤精华霜Complete UV Protective Moisture lotion SPF 15 (Fragrance and Fragrance Free) 面部滋润防晒露SPF15(香型,无香型)Complete UV Protective Moisture Cream SPF 15 (Fragrance and Fragrance Free)面部滋润防晒霜SPF15(香型,无香型)OLAY不推荐:Refreshing Toner 清新爽肤水Age Defying Series Protective Renewal Lotion Beta Hydroxy Complex, SPF 15活肤精华露SPF15Age Defying Series Revitalizing Eye Gel 活肤精华眼者哩ProVital Protective Moisture Lotion SPF 15 面部滋润防晒霜SPF15(PROVITAL可能是OLAY的一个系列)Daily UV Protectant Beauty Fluid Daily Care Series Moisture Replenishment lotion SPF 15 日用美肤滋润防晒露SPF15Daily UV Protectant Cream Daily Care Series SPF 15 日用面部防护乳SPF15Shiseido推荐:Benefiance Revitalizig Eye Cream 盼丽风姿活力眼霜Benefiance Enriched Revitalizing Cream 盼丽风姿润泽活力霜Pureness Oil-Blotting Paper 飘尔丽思吸油面纸Vital Perfection Balancing Softener VP平衡爽肤水Gentle Sun Block Cream SPF 22 柔和防晒霜SPF22Sun Block Face Cream SPF 35 面部防晒霜SPF35Sun Block Stick SPF 35 防晒棒SPF35Translucent Sun Block Stick SPF 30 透明防晒棒SPF30Ultra Light Sun Block lotion SPF 30 防晒露SPF30(超级轻盈配方)Gentle Cleansing Foam 柔和清洁沫(泡沫)Day Protective Moisturizer SPF 15 日间滋润乳SPF15SHISEIDO不推荐:Beneflance Enriched Balancing Softener 盼丽风姿丰润平衡柔肤水Benefiance Daytime Protective Emulsion SPF 8 盼丽风姿日乳SPF8Benefiance Daytime Protective Cream SPF 8 盼丽风姿日霜SPF8Benefiance Energizing Essence 盼丽风姿活力精华素Benefiance Neck Firming Cream 盼丽风姿紧实颈霜Pureness Cleansing Gel 飘尔丽思洁肤者哩Pureness Balancing lotion 飘尔丽思平衡爽肤水Pureness Balancing lotion Oil-Control 飘尔丽思调整皮脂健肤水Pureness Moisturizing Cream 飘尔丽思滋润霜Pureness MoistUrizing Emulsion 飘尔丽思滋润乳Pureness Moisturizing Gel Oil- Free 飘尔丽思滋润冻密(无油)Pureness Hydro Pulifyng Masque, Peel-Off 飘尔丽思水分清洁面膜(撕拉式)Vital Perfection T ?Zone Balancing Toner VP完美T区平衡爽肤水Vital Perfection Daytime Protection Moisturizer SPF 8 VP滋润日乳SPF8Vital Prote~tion Soothing lotion VP舒缓滋润露Vital Perfection Rinse-Off Clarifying Mask VP水洗式清新面膜Bio- Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Whitening formula 百优捷皙活力美白乳霜Gentle Cleansing Foam 柔和洁面沫Hydro Refining Softener 水分柔肤水Day Essential Moisturizer SPF 10 日间滋润乳SPF10Day Essential Moisturizer, Enriched SPF 10 日间加强滋润乳SPF10Day Essential Moisturizer, Light SPF 10 日间滋润轻柔乳液SPF10T Zone Balancing Gel T区平衡者哩Vichy推荐:Normaderm Express Cleansing Gel, for Acne Prone Skin 抗痘瞬间洁面者哩(暗疮肌肤)Lumiactive Rejuvenating Daily Filter-Care 隔离驻颜霜Optalia Restructuring Eye Gel OPTALIA 眸丽眼部修护者哩(带一条条银丝的)Regenium Night Renewal Cream 更新晚霜Thermal S1 : long Lasting Hydration S1长效保湿霜Thermal S2: long lasting Hydration for Very Dehydrated Skin S2长效保湿霜(极干性)Thermal S2 lotion: long lasting Hydration S2长效保湿霜Capital Solei1 Protective Gel-Cream SPF 15 防晒者哩-霜SPF15Capital Soleil Protective Lotion SPF 15 防晒露SPF15Capital Soleil Sunblock Cream for the Face SPF 25 面部防晒霜SPF25Capital Soleil Sunblock lotion SPF 25 防晒露SPF25Capital Soleil Total Sunblock lotion SPF 30 全效防晒露SPF30Capital Soleil Total Sunblock Cream SPF 45 全效防晒霜SPF45Capital Soleil Total Sunblock Cream SPF 60 全效防晒霜SPF60Capital Soleil. 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